About Courage to Connect Counseling

Rebecca Frank

Hello! My name is Rebecca Frank and I am the founder of Courage to Connect Counseling!  I started as the only therapist in my practice and have currently been growing into a smaller group practice with more therapist to help more people. Our passion and love for people and their stories has been an inspiration for us to create a vision based around all about the people that are a part of what we do every day.

We feel beyond blessed and honored to have people invite us into their lives and into their stories as they walk toward healing. Our passion continues to grow the longer we are in this work. Understanding "the why" behind what drives and motivates people has become my calling for Courage to Connect. My why for Courage to Connect is giving every person in our office the ability to have their voices be heard without judgement and without having to worry about being dubbed "crazy". Every person is uniquely and wonderfully made by their genetic make-up and all of their life experiences, and what a privilege on our part to be welcomed into your life and your story.

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